Araz Motors Company operates in Azerbaijani market since 2003. Today, "Araz motors" - one of the largest distributors of spare parts, lubricants for cars and trucks. Spare parts and lubricants provided by our company meet all international quality standards.

During the activity, the company has signed contracts with many of the world's leading manufacturers.

We have a dealership contract with more than 40 producers of spare parts, including such as "TMD Friction Servis", "ZF Friedrichshafen AG", "MS Motorservice İnternational".

The size of our warehouse allows to keep in stock a very wide range of products for cars of different brands.

We work with a large number of service stations and shops of different levels, a list of clients is constantly increasing.

As part of the marketing program, we are constantly reviewing the opinion of consumers about the quality of products sold.

Regularly monitor the demand for our products, take into account the individual plans of repair and service of cars of our clients, as well as the specific features of their vehicle fleet.


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