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Company Profile

Araz Motors was established in 1996 to import spare parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. By constantly renewing and developing itself, it has become a leading firm in the heavy and passenger-type vehicle spare parts industry. Our company has been operating successfully in the domestic and foreign markets for 26 years, without compromising its principles that strengthen mutual trust.


Our company supplies OEM and aftermarket spare parts for brands including MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, PORSCHE, OPEL and LAND ROVER, as well as for the JAPANESE and KOREAN brands and markets the parts domestically.


Araz Motors offers a wide product range including more than 60 globally known brands, features high-capacity storage facilities covering more than 6,000 m2 of storage, and provides high quality and reliable service to its customers at 3 different locations of its own with its expert team of 60 people.

 Araz Motors maintains its leadership in the industry with an ever-growing momentum. In order to offer different alternatives to its customers, Araz Motors has started producing spare parts under the brand name ToParts with the aim of developing a prominent brand with a rapidly increasing product range.


Some of the notable brands that we distribute and market are: ToParts, Febi, Swag, Blueprint, ZF Trading (Sachs, Lemförder, Boge, ZF), Bosch, TENNECO (Nural,Goetze,Glyco), 4U, Hengst, Textar, Behr, Hella, Gates, Elring, Schaeffler (Luk, Fag, Ina), Bremsi, AYD, Aplus, Acar, Alt, As-Pl, Bga, Blistein, Bremi, Comline, Corteco, Dogru, Denso, Ebi, Eurol, Fangtain, Gsp, G-Autoparts, Hongze, Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg Miles, Mahle, Motorad, Ngk, Nissens, Osram, Neolux, Remsa, Roadhouse, Sangsin, Skt, Topran, Wix


Brands in the heavy vehicle group: MERCEDES BENZ, MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, RENAULT TRUCKS, IVECO


Our Mission


To consistently offer the best products and service to our esteemed commercial partners and customers and remain true to our principled and honest values.

To empower and encourage all of our employees by targeting long-term mutual cooperation and satisfaction-based relationships instead of short-term commercial expectations.


To revise the company in the most outstanding way in the emerging market conditions and to make expansions in this context by always keeping in mind the ongoing mission of being innovative in the industry.


Our vision


We maintain our outstanding reputation by setting customer satisfaction as the main target, by adhering to professional commercial ethical values while offering the widest variety and stocking of the best quality products conveniently at the most affordable prices.